Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Report from ... 6 Barrels for 6 Chefs 2013 at Huff Estates - July 12, 2013

A look at the 6 Barrels for 6 Chefs event in pictures ... to read the full review see OntarioWineReview Newsletter #209 (published July 25, 2013) ...

The Prep ...

4:52pm ... activity is already underway under the big top in preparation for the guests' arrival - let's take a look:
There's chefs comparing notes with winery principals
The chairs and tables are set - it's all quiet now but soon the throng will come and the tent will be packed
The chef's stations are at their most immaculate
Chris McDonald makes last minute adjustments in the shadow of the vineyard
Marc Lepine adds lobster to bowls before the soup and yogurt are added later
Ryan Crawford's pot is heating up
WTF!!! ... Looks like something you'd find in the haunted house during Halloween
All's quiet on the patio (for now)
Northern Voodoo will arrive soon to get the party started
Micheal Hoy get his Rhubarb custard tart with county grown strawberries ready ...

The Event Begins ...

Let the Games Begin
5:35pm ... The band kicks off the party
People arrive ready to line up for the deliciousness to follow
Chef Bryan Steele furiously stirs his Risotto readying to plate the dish
Risotto with crab, gaspe shrimp, chevril and fresh peas
Chef Carl Heinrich posts what's gonna be on his plate
and here is it in all its splendor and glory:  pierogi with oxtail ragu
The two faces of Carl: Smooth & Suave
Passionate & Demonstrative:  here he talks about the way the wine and food pair in the mouth
Chef Sean Collins prepares to present his first plate
Smoked scallop with poblano pesto
Chef Ryan Crawford shows off his dish
Oeuf en meurette with chicken and Pinot ragu
Chef Marc Lepine final product: Chilled pea soup with lobster and yogurt
But that's no ordinary dob of yogurt
It's frozen
Here's another look - same dish, but notice it has floated a little to the right
The making of Chef Chris McDonald's "tamal"

the unwrapping of the charred octopus tamal
the adding of the tomatillo salsa
and the finishing touches of the chicharrones
Earlier we saw the prep, now here is Micheal Hoy's finished dessert - and it's even better than advertised

And it Continues ...

As the evening progresses Chef Steele's Risotto looks more and more tasty (and it is)
while Chef Crawford eyes his line-up to gauge how many more he needs
Then it's time for the all-chefs / all-winemakers photo op ... they amass slowly
Then it is determined it is too nice to be stuck inside the tent ...
and so they move out to the vineyard
some move during the shoot
and some don't ... but they are all here
Winding Down / The Aftermath ...

Tables are cleared, congratulatory drinks are poured and another 6 Barrels has come to an end
it's a beautiful sunset in the County - to end another beauty of an event
Can't wait for next year as we bid adieu to 6 Barrels for 6 Chefs for another year.