Sunday, November 8, 2015

Report from ... Wrapped Up in the Valley - November 7, 2015

Wrapped up in the Valley is the 20 Valley's pre-holiday event that gets you into the mood for the festive season to come.

23 wineries match wine and food - along with take away recipe cards, so that you can attempt to recreate these delicious delicacies at home.

There is a way to do all 23 wineries, but you'd be run raged and will remember nothing of the wines and foods you've tasted ... trust me I have done it.  

We decided on seven wineries to visit, that we thought the food really tickled our collective fancy - you know the wine is going to be good so you have to go with what sounds good to your belly ... and so here were our thoughts on the places we visited:

First Stop: The Good Earth
where the above was on the menu
and it looked like this ... and tasted delicious;
a perfect place to start a brisk, yet beautiful day (11 degrees)
not a cloud in the sky - till later anyway (RANK 4)
Second Stop: Mike Weir Winery
a 2010 Riesling was paired up with
Phyllo Pastry with Pear, Caramelised & Blue Cheese
- and the view was amazing - (RANK 5)
Third Stop: Tawse Winery
will their "Perfect Meatball" paired with
2012 Cabernet-Merlot (best wine of the day)
The meatball was sadly served cold but it was tasty -
especially if you could use you imagination and a think it hot
(RANK 2)
There's a certain beauty about seeing grapes hanging in the
late fall and I believe it is captured here (at Kacaba)
Fourth Stop: Kacaba Vineyards
my second favourite wine of the day: 2012 Cabernet-Syrah was paired with
Tenderloin with Mini Yorki Pudding and Horseradish Jus by Chef James Cuttriss
- a true meat eaters delight (RANK 3 - tied)
Fifth Stop: Harbour Estates
this often overlooked winery always has something homey (meaning homemade)
and this "Gourmet Chicken Cordon Bleu Paste" paired with a 2014 Riesling
was a real winner - and something you could easily whip up at home (RANK 1)
Always a pleasure to visit Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery
and be greeted by Brix ...
Sixth Stop: Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery
Sue's mom's grilled cheese is always an annual treat,
this year it was topped with a "festive compote" (RANK 3 - tied)
 ... And Brix is always sad to see you go -
I think he deserves a grilled cheese

Last Stop: Creekside Estate
where Nathan Young has created a delicious Pastrami ...
The "Sammie" had a tasty middle, it just needed more middle;
in the words of Clara Peller "Where's the Beef" (RANK 6)
Going? Take a look at the list of winery delights and pick our your potential favourite pairings.