Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lailey Comes to Toronto - November 29, 2007

Let’s pop in quickly to the Lailey Toronto Open House which they moved from the winery, deep in the bowels of Niagara-on-the-Lake, to the Fine Wine Reserve, deep in the heart of downtown Toronto … essentially bringing the wines to their T.O. clients instead of having them to schlep their way down there when the weather might not be all that inviting. Have no fear Niagara based fans, Lailey’s regular open house at the winery will take place in early December (Saturday the 1st); this was just Lailey’s way of thanking their big city based clientele – and what a nice gesture it was.

Winemaker, Derek Barnett, enjoyed being in the warm confines of the Fine Wine Reserve … “I love the great underground atmosphere of the place, we’re actually under street level. It’s a perfect place to hold a tasting – I love it.” Though Barnett couldn’t get over the Toronto weather, “I left Niagara in short sleeves, it was seven degrees; I drive an hour and a half up the road, get out of the car and it’s bloody cold.” (For the record Toronto was at minus 4).

Tonight Lailey
showcased 15 of their spectacular wines, both whites and reds. Barnett’s reds always need time to mellow (5-7 years) or a good decanting to allow some air into them when they are young … and lately I am learning the limitations of an ISO glass – especially during the Cabernet Franc Challenge I am currently in the midst of (but more on that during the Cab Franc write-up). Tonight it’s all about Lailey. Now I won’t delve too much into their wines or the winery, as a full OntarioWineReview article is currently in the pipeline for the new year, but here are a few reviews you can look up from the wines I tried this evening and was mightily impressed by: 2006 Gewurztraminer ($19.95), 2005 Cabernet ($19.95), 2006 Syrah – Canadian Oak ($34.95).

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