Sunday, July 27, 2008

Report from ... Jackson-Triggs Twilight in the Vineyard starring Colin James – July 12, 2008

The Jackson-Triggs concert series continues to impress me with the caliber of talent they get to perform on their stage. In this, the second of five for the season (starting with 54-40 a couple of weeks ago), Colin James took to the stage with his brand of rock and blues. He ran through his back catalogue, current songs, covers and everything in between; everybody was dancing and playing their air guitars and drum kits. The usual 15-minute break between sets did little to quell that electric feeling in the air; patrons refreshed themselves with concession goodies and wine in anticipation of another high energy set. About 20 minutes from the end of the show it started to rain lightly, and by the time Colin said his goodnights, goodbyes and drive safely the rain was pouring down (Jackson-Triggs graciously walked around handing out single use plastic ponchos to keep the crowd dry). But this wet weather didn’t stop the crowd from giving Colin his much deserved rousing send off of cheers and appreciation … and he graciously did make us wait long to perform the encore, afterall it was raining, typical considerate Canadian.

As an aside, I was told that the Grille (which I did not attend this time) ran smoothly, started on-time and had an abundance of cooked food … once again those fries were a big hit.

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