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Report from ... Wines from the South of France tasting - September 22, 2008

On September 22 I found myself at the Rosewater Supper Club for a South of France tasting. These are wines from the Languedoc, Rousillon and also labeled as Vins de Pays D'oc. They are usually excellent values from France, some priced well below what they should be, or would be, if they were from any other region of France. I also had the pleasure of trying some great dessert wines called "Vin Doux Natruel", while not my first experience with these wines, I continue to find them tasty treats well worth the money.

Great Values ...

Chateau de Fontenelles 2006 Cuvee Notre Dame ($16.95 - Corbieres) - great colour, purple-red, with pepper, blackberry, cassis and nice tannins.

Maison Jeanjean 2004 Domaine de Fenouillet Grand Reserve ($17.95 - #70326 - Faugeres) - tasty red berry with a bit of pencil lead on the nose and a nice dry tannic finish.

Francois Lurton 2005 Mas Janeil ($15.95 - #992800 - Cotes du Roussillon Villages) - a nose of blackberry, black cherry and a bit of dried fruit with tastes of blackberries and chocolate - yum.

Dom Brial 2005 Terrasses ($14.95 - Cotes du Roussillon Villages) - licorice and all-spice rule the roost here with nice silky tannins on the finish.

Domaine Magellan 2005 Syrah Grenache ($18.00 - Vin de Pays D'oc) - firm and bold wine with lots of spices, herbs and blackberry fruit.

Chateau de Serame 2006 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon ($13.95 - #35006 - Vin de Pays D'oc) - spicy black fruit and cinnamon with a cedary finish - good wine, especially for the price.

Good Wines ...

Domaine la Tour Vieille 2006 La Pinede ($31.80 - Collioure) - rich red fruit, good spice, and nice tannin structure to hold it all together.

Domaine Cazes 2006 Ego ($19.95 - #77701 - Cotes du Roussillon Villages) - strawberry and other red fruit on the nose with sweet cherry on the palate, quite a dry finish with good tannins, colour is also pretty impressive.

Celliers des Chartreux 2007 Viognier ($16.60 - Vins de Pays D'oc) - mineral and stone fruit greet the nose, good peach pit and a touch of nutmeg spice come through on the palate.

Delicious Sweeties ...

Domaine la Tour Vieille 2006 Vendange ($31.35 - Banyuls) - licorice and ripe cherries on the nose, sweet cherries in the mouth - yum ... alcohol is heavy on this sweetie, Port-like, so it can be used for dessert or sitting around the fire where Port is usually served. Cigar anyone?

Dom Brial 2007 Vin Doux Naturel ($21.75 - Muscat de Rivesaltes) - beautiful wildflower honey nose which somehow turns into a grapefruit cocktail taste - delicious.

Mas Amiel 6 Ans ($21.60 - #43109 - Maury) - cherry, plum and chcolate on both the nose and tasty - this is the region's version of a tawny-Port, thus you can add almond notes to the taste too.

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