Sunday, November 16, 2008

Report from ... Jean Jean / Ogier - November 12, 2008 (1:00 PM) – Part 2 of 3

Next tasting on November 12 was a preview of the Beaujolais inspired wine from Jean Jean called Syrah Primeur 2008. This was a cloudy tank sample that gave us a sneak peak of what is to come on November 20 when the Beaujolais Noveaus are released. This strawberry-raspberry bubble gum confection of a wine is quite tasty and relatively inexpensive at $9.95 ... More on the Beaujolais Nouveaus and comparable wines next week.

I also have to tell you that there is no way you'll get a bunch of wine writers out to try one single wine, therefore you have to promise them more ... we got to sip on other Jean Jean wines, some Ogier wines and a few other wines carried by EuroVintages Wine and Spirits that will be hitting shelves soon.

Jean Jean ...

“Simple and tasty” best describes the 2007 Merlot ($10.45 - #582130) - with lots of red berry, black cherry and a bit of earthiness, this easy drinking wine is good value for the price .

Ogier …

Two wines from this label struck me as good value reds ... the 2006 Ted, aka Ted the Mule ($9.95 - #665463) with its smoky, spicy blackberries along with its dusty tannins on the finish; a pumped up 14.5% alcohol and a new lower price (down from $12.95) makes this one a steal for the holidays and festival party season.

The other wine is for the sophisticates on your list, 2006 Heritage ($15.95 - #535849) has more finesse than Ted, more open, more juicy berries and more fruit … there's also a very pleasing spiced strawberry aspect that keeps you coming back for more. Serve Ted at the party - give Heritage as a gift ... people think you spent more than you did.

Two more …

Ogier Caves des Papes Clos L’oratoire Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2006 ($39.95 - #993279 – Vintages December 06, 2008) … peppery, spicy black fruit dominated with a dusty bittersweet cocoa finish.

Domaines Cazes Excellence do Triniac 2005 ($16.95 – Vintages in February 2009) offers up great value in an every day delight ... juicy and sweet fruit on the palate, lots of blackberries and black cherries play on the tongue before giving way to a dry lingering finish.

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