Saturday, April 11, 2009

Report from - The wines of Penny’s Hill and Mr. Riggs ... March 31, 2009

We find ourselves at the Fine Wine Reserve to taste wines from the small yet connected producers Penny’s Hill and Mr. Riggs. How are they connected you ask? Mr. Riggs is actually Ben Riggs, who is the winemaker for Penny’s Hill. Riggs has been a winemaker for over 24 years, fourteen of which were spent at Wirra Wirra in Australia before moving over to the Hill in 1995. Of the five wines poured, three from Riggs and two from Penny’s, these were my top choices:

Mr. Riggs 2006 Shiraz ($55.00 - available in limited quantities at the LCBO) … this is the premium level of Riggs wine, aged two years in 100% French Oak and carefully barrel selected from the best barrels. The nose is very pretty for a muscular wine like this -smells of floral, red berry and chocolate are followed up in the mouth by white pepper, chocolate, juicy black fruit (like blackberries and cassis), and a smooth sweet finish - due in part, I’m sure, to the 15% alcohol.

Penny's Hill 2007 "Red Dot” Shiraz ($30.00 - not available yet) … this wine just smells juicy yet there's a firmness in the leather and spice that goes well with the black fruit. Chocolate/mocha touches the tongue and leads to raspberries and cassis before giving way to white pepper with a long lingering finish – slightly confused? Taste it and you won’t be, you’ll realize, as the Aussie’s would say, “it’s bloody good” and tasty too.

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