Sunday, October 4, 2009

Report from ... Savour Stratford – September 27, 2009

Savour Stratford is one of those events you have to experience to believe. No amount of description can truly tell you about the extraordinary food and delicious drink that you can find there. Sure I can tell you about Distinctly Tea’s carbon filter cup lid – an ingenious invention (unfortunately not of their own invention) that filters out, not only the loose leaf tea leaves they us to brew their tea, but the harsh tannins and bitter flavours from over-steeped tea … I tried to prove it wrong, I couldn’t.

I could tell you about the Swedish Mini Burgers sauced in Merlot-Ketchup and topped with Radish Sprouts, but you’ll scratch your head with a “really?” When I asked the guy behind the table about the sauce he said, “It’s really difficult,” he then smiled, “believe it or not it’s red wine and ketchup, that’s it.” “Shut up and get out,” was my response, but he showed me the recipe, it was actually Merlot and Ketchup; and it was delicious.

How can I describe a Rheo Thompson’s milk chocolate smoothie to you, or Duck Confit Ravioli? Elk skewers swerved with four different sauces, or the delicious breads of Rundles restaurant? There was such a multitude of exquisite foodstuffs that it is making my mouth re-water just thinking back on it. The answer is I can’t describe them. What I can tell you is that 9 breweries, 7 wineries and 29 food booths equal up to one amazing event. And if pictures are really worth a thousand words, then here are 8000 words to describe the event.


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