Monday, May 3, 2010

Report from ... At the Table with Martin Malivoire – April 27, 2010

Irony of ironies, I was invited to a wine party last Saturday, at a friend’s home, that featured Malivoire wines … now just three days later I’m sitting across the table from Martin Malivoire himself enjoying a glass (or 4) of his new wine offerings.  I’m started off with the 2008 White ($14.95) a Chardonnay dominated wine with splashes of Riesling and Gewurztraminer – it’s lively and fruity with a slight floral nuance … it’s an all occasion white sipper for the pool or patio that’s got an extra bit of oomph than your usual sweet summer sippers.

Next up, a flight of 3 Pinots, one of the grapes Malivoire is noted for.  The 2008 Niagara Escarpment Pinot ($24.95) is mushroom and sour cherry, pretty simple really, but still nice to sip on when served with a platter of cheese and charcuterie.  The next step along this vertical of Pinots is the 2008 Mottiar Vineyard ($34.95) – this one has more edge that the escarpment offering.  Finally, Martin pours the wine closest to his heart, the one named after his wife, 2007 Moira Vineyard Pinot Noir (May 15 - $49.95; afterward $59.95) – this one really has the power of 2007 with the finesse of a cooler vintage – very nice.

The tasting ends with a pouring of 2008 Courtney Gamay – but you already know my feelings on this one; if not you can read about the first time I tried it at last Saturday’s Malivoire in-home tasting.

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