Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Report from … The Portugal A9 Lunch and Tasting – June 10, 2010

A9 is a group that represents 27 associated wineries, more than 15,200 wine producers or about 20% of Portuguese production.  They produce an average of about 110 million liters per year (but if you read the brochure is says “110 million litters” – so I am not sure if they make wine or do animal husbandry, I’ll assume the wine for now).  Lunch was served at C5 restaurant, which is located at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto.  The acoustics were lousy so what I gleaned the group I got from my press pack (see above).  7 wines were served with a 4 course lunch, which included reception hors d’oeuvres and dessert.  Just for fun I took some pictures of lunch:

B.C. Wild Halibut Cheek & Scallion Pancake

Cumbrae Farms 60 Day aged ribeye, potato hash, green beans and piri piri (no picture – liked it so much I forgot to take one.)

Chocolate & Rhubarb Cheesecake

After Lunch Tasting …

After the dry, somewhat rustic, wines at lunch my sweet tooth kicked in and I decided to taste the Ports and Muscats on offer, like the line up from Adega Cooperativa de Favaios who has six delicious Moscatels, from a light, chillable aperitif version to an 1980 aged version – each one showed a different amount of complexity and thrill on the tongue.  The Favaios 10 Year Old was smooth and elegant; the 1989 was creamy smooth in the mouth with hints of spice on the finis; and the 1980 was full of honeyed spiced apricots, while on the palate dry fights with sweet for dominance – what a taste sensation.

Tried Cave Santa Maria’s Late Bottled Vintage 2000 Port which was very cherry, chocolaty and delicious.

The Caves Vale do Rado Tellu’s Moscatel was loaded with flavours reminiscent of caramel coated orange peel.

Pegoes’ Nucho de Pegoes (sweet Muscat) had lots of orange peel and ginger coated in wild flower honey.

All the above dessert style wines were scrump-diddly-icious (as mary Poppins would say).

My favourite dry red was Udaca Irreverent Red with its nice red and black fruit mix.  Made from 4 indigenous Portuguese varieties, this wine was smooth and fruity with very good mouthfeel.

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