Monday, November 22, 2010

Report from ... A Few Sips with Larry Horne of Calamus - Tuesday November 9, 2010

Now that I live nearer to the wineries I figured I could just pick up and go sip wine anytime I wanted - problem is I am very busy in the fall months with tastings elsewhere (mostly in Toronto) so at this time Niagara (and the rest of Ontario`s regions) take a bit of a backseat.  Larry Horne, of Calamus, has been trying to get me out to the winery ever since I moved into the neighbourhood, but has had trouble pining me down.  So instead of waiting for me to go chez lui, Larry decided to do a little visiting of his own, chez moi.

Sitting around the dining room table Larry pulled out his newest wines for sampling - 6 in total.  I have heard it said that wine tastes better in the presence of the winemaker, but how does it taste in the presence of the sales-guy?  I guess I was about to find out.  As I tasted he gave me the `spiel` on each wine, as any good sales-guy should.  Nothing scored below a 3 (average), but two wines really stood out for their flavour and excellent value - something Calamus has always been known for:

As for wines tasting better in front of the sales-guy, I can`t attest to that, but I can tell you that Larry is one affable guy; we had a good time even when I didn't have the most positive things to say about the wines.

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