Friday, January 14, 2011

Report from ... Ontario Breaks a Record - Friday January 14, 2011

It seems like it would be a foregone conclusion, but we still had to go through the motions.  Today at Casino Niagara, Ontario wineries broke an old Italian record of 16.5 L of booze in a flute, the Italians used sparkling wine, we here in Ontario did it using icewine.  In the words of host (and owner of Flat Rock Cellars) Ed Madronich, we are gathered to “smash the record” as 18L of mostly Vidal icewine was poured into a 44 liter glass (styled after the original icewine glass developed by Riedel.  A cheer rose from the crowd as pioneers of both icewine and the Ontario wine scene, Karl Kaiser and Donald Ziraldo, poured the last two bottles into the flute.  The representative from Guinness then stood up to make the announcement and present the plaque to Ed.  Done deal.

If I picture is worth 1000 words I give you 8000 words about the event:

Glass Covered
Ed welcomes everyone
Glass unveiled
The First Two: Ed Madronich & Allan Schmidt
Halfway there
Two away from the finish line
Donald & Karl pour the last drops
Proclamation of the record - We Did It!

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Dean Tudor said...

Yeah, let's use up the surplus icewine..Do it again!! Try for 20L.