Friday, August 3, 2012

Report from ... Coyote's Run Rare Vintage Tasting Preview - August 3, 2012

On approach to Coyote's Run
Kicking back at Coyote's Run (sounds like a song, all I need is a dock) on a bright, calm, but hot August day might not seem the best time to be drinking big heavy reds, "they tend to dry you out," says owner Jeff Aubry, but here I am none the less, to be one of the first to try these "Rare Vintage" wines since their bottling in June.
The wines being tasted

Rare Vintage are wines made only in exceptional vintages, of which 2010 was definitely one - but they are also varietal dependent - not all grapes get the Rare Vintage treatment ... in 2010 there are 5 (the Pinot Gris came out earlier in the year) ... in 2009 Pinot Noir got labelled as such.

Today I am here to try the remaining 4 wines from the 2010 Rare Vintage release ... a pre-release is happening August 11, 2012, then the bottles will be packaged up and put away till 2013 when they will be doled out as the wines become more ready - I have to admit that these wines need time and thankfully Coyote's Run is willing to hold them for you, unless you wanna get them August 11 - then I would recommend holding them at least a year on your own.  The incentive will be a yet to be determined 15-20% off regular retail pricing ... which could offer significant savings for such excellent and age-worthy wines.  But enough about the day in the Coyote's Run pavilion and what's gonna happen, it's time to get to the wines themselves.  Each wine is linked back to the OntarioWineReview website for a full review, here I give you the broad brush-strokes of the wines I tasted.
The Rare Vintage foursome
Sitting with Jeff Aubry (owner), Dave Sheppard (winemaker) and Rosie (the ever-insistent-pat-me dog) we tasted thru the new line-up starting with the staple aoround these parts, Pinot Noir - 2010 Rare Vintage Pinot Noir ($49.95) - the palate does not match the nose, but it does offer up some real winning flavours (****).  The 2010 Rare Vintage Syrah ($32.95) came next, it's a real "son-of-a-bitch to grow," says Jeff, "but one of our more popular varietals."  The wine's palate is not exactly weighty (a la Syrah) but it isn't insubstantial either; the smoked meat and pepper really gives this wine its old worldly flavours (****).
The spectacular 2010 Rare Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon (*****)
The 2010 Rare Vintage Meritage ($39.95) is loaded with both red and dark fruit from first sniff to last gulp (**** 1/2+); it was my favourite right up until I got a load of the 2010 Rare Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon ($32.95) a beauty amongst these "rare" wines with ample fruit that feels full bodied on the palate, even though it's still only a 13.5% alcohol wine (*****).
The event you don't want to miss - see how to win tickets below ...
Now it's your chance to taste these wines - I have two tickets to give away to the August 11th taste and buy, here's what you have to do:  join the Ontario Wine Lovers Facebook page and post what you like, or love, about Ontario wine - maybe it's your favourite wine, region, winery, or grape - whatever it is we'd like to hear about it.  All posting made before Monday August 6, 2012 at 11:59pm will be eligible ... good luck and have fun.

Trust me, it's worth trying and having the opportunity to buy these wines now - you'll want to have them for later.
Rosie (the ever-insistent-pat-me dog) in a rare moment of calm

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