Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Report from ... A Pictorial Look at The Days of Wine & Chocolate 2013 - February 2013

Our first stop - The Ice House ... a beautiful snowy day
The vineyard in their winter slumber made for a great backdrop
Ice House: Fruit enrobed in dark chocolate laced with ginger - they poured Icewine Slushie over it and soggied the food

Riverview: Chocolate Chilli Brownie (a tad dry)
Inniskillin: Chocolate Peanut Butter Ball (just serve me a Reese and get it over with)
Marynissen: Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie (best brownie of the event)
Rief's Welcomes Us (popcorn doesn't photograph well)
Peller: Candied Bacon and Chocolate Toffee (good)
Pillitteri: Chocolate Caramel Indulgence Cupcake (3rd Place)
Pondview: Banana Chocolate Tart Drizzled with Caramel (1st Place)

Small Talk (formerly Stonechurch): Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Tart (too much tart)
Hillebrand: Caramel Chocolate Pop Crunch (their complete pairing, bubbly makes everything better - 5th Place)
Southbrook: "ChocoLoco Chicken Mole" (tasted better then it looked - needed more seasoning - it was the only savory dish on the tour)
Coyote's Run: White Chocolate Dipped Lemon Shortbread Cookie (4th Place)
Between the Lines: White Chocolate Macadamia Mousse (2nd Place)
Ravine: Chocolate Pecan Tart (again too much tart)
Niagara College: Creme Brulee Mousse (too thick a chocolate in the base cup)

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