Thursday, September 26, 2013

Report from ... The End of Winter Stratus Lunch and Tasting - March 20, 2013

If you saw Newsletter #208 (July 2013) you probably read about winemaker JL Groux and the wines of Stratus, but what you did not see were the pictures ... well now's the time to pull away the curtain and see what happened and what we tasted on that day.

A sit down lunch and tasting begins with winemaker JL Groux talking about the vintage and wines of 2010
The Red Wines ...
The bottles of single varietal reds from the 2010 vintage
2010 Gamay - read review here (****+)

2010 Syrah - read review here (**** 1/2)
2010 Merlot - read the review here (****+)
2010 Malbec - read the review here (****)
2010 Petit Verdot - read review here (****)

The White Wines ...
The glasses of whites, also from the 2010 vintages
The bottles of whites back-dropped by the vineyard

The 2010 Chardonnay - read review here (*** 1/2+)
The 2010 Sauvignon Blanc - one of only two wines I did not post a full review of ...
proving the old adage that you can't like 'em all
The 2010 Semillon - read full review here (****)

The Eight Wine Line Up ...
Here they are - the 8 wines we tried on this day, with the frozen vineyard behind it.
Warm wines inside - cold day outside
Lunch ...
The lunch menu - presented by Chef Ryan Crawford
Sweet Potato & Prawn Bisque with creme fraiche ... it's a process so watch
in goes the bisque ...
and voila ... the finished product.
Served with the 2011 Gewurztraminer (read review)
Course 2 is all about HAM ...
smoked ham hock ragu, peasse porridge ravioli,
baby cabbage, sage puree and fried dough
Served with the amazing 2009 Cabernet Franc (see the video review here)
Course 3 features PEARS ...
caramel poached pear, white chocolate "snow"
dulce de leche and thirty second brioche
Finished off with the 2010 Mosaic dessert wine - only the second wine I did not fully review

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