Thursday, January 23, 2014

Report from ... Anteprima Amarone 2010, Day/Night 1 - January 23, 2014

Spent most of the day on a plane or waiting for one, but I'm finally here in Verona at Hotel Bologna ... small but comfortable.  Slept a couple of hours in the afternoon before heading down to the welcome dinner in the hotel restaurant: Risto Rubiani.  Here are some of the wines tasted and the food tried:

First wine of the trip: Corte Rugolin 2012 Valpolicella Classico:
plenty of cherry and sour cherry with a nice cranberry backing
Our "welcome from the kitchen": Bean Soup - sound much better in Italian
Moving up the ladder in the Valpolicella region to the Classico Superiore range
Roberto Mazzi 2010 Valpolicella Classico Superiore - Vigneto Poiega:
black cherry, vanilla, chocolate, with nice acidity balancing out the finish (****)
Dig the new-fangled date changing method on the label.
Bigoli with duck sauce
I ended up wearing some shaved cheese (not my fault),
the up-side is they are some of the best smelling clothes I have.
My two top wines tasted this evening:
San Cassiano 2010 Ripasso Superiore (left) - rich plum and black cherry nose,
leads to a smooth, rich almost creamy palate full of dark fruit, then the acidity
swoops in kicking it up a notch on the finish. (****+)
Cantina Valpantena 2011 Torre del Falasco, Ripasso Superiore (right) - mocha,
black cherry, cassis and spiced plum aromas which follow onto the palate and adds
some anise notes; long lovely finish that pumps up the acidity. (****+)
Risotto with radicchio and Monte Veronese
(my first but I can bet not my last plate of Risotto this trip)
Gamba 2009 Ripasso Classico Superiore "Campedel"
black and red cherry, plum with a backing of vanilla and cinnamon;
maybe a touch hot with alcohol on the nose, but not intrusive -
palate full of great red cherry, vanilla and spice and a depth that
kept on giving (due to its age?) - (****)

The cheese plate ... I never thought I'd say this but,
there is such a thing as "too much cheese"
Dessert: Bonet amaretto with candied orange ...
Another thing I never thought I'd hear myself say (about chocolate):
this was not a favourite, you just have to like Amaretto.
On the other hand the shortbread top was amazing.
Ending with coffee and mini-pastry, not being a coffee drinker (I know, shocker) I passed.

Tomorrow it's on to the "Welcome Day" and a couple of winery visits before the Gala dinner at Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Piazza Bra ...

We'll catch up with you tomorrow and let you know how it went.

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