Monday, August 25, 2014

Report from ... Montefalco in TO - June 4, 2014

Six producers from the Montefalco region came to town to show off their wares ahead of my trip to the region later in the month (see link at bottom to see the trip).

Montefalco comes to T.O. with their Sagrantino and Rosso wines,
plus a few surprises.

The Wines and Wineries ...

Fattoria Col Santo 2010 Rosso (left)
pretty raspberry and cherry nose with a palate of cocoa-raspberry and big tannins (*** 1/2+)
Fattoria Col Santo 2008 Sagrantino (right)
2 years in barrrique / 1 year in bottle
round, soft, juicy with lots of spiced cherry, cocoa and plenty of acidity (****)
Antonelli 2010 Rosso (left)
70% Sangiovese / 15% each Sagrantino and Merlot
nose of blackberry and cherry with hints of blueberry,
palate is soft, round and juicy with spiced cherry (****)
Antonelli 2007 Sagrantino (right)
aromas of cassis, blackberry and nice spice
palate is robust with tannins, well spiced along with
deep black fruit and blueberry skin
Scacciadiavoli, a winery run by the Pambuffetti family
established in 1884
Top wine here was the Scaccidiavoli 2007 Sagrantino:
big 15.5% alcohol with plum, black and blue berries on the nose
backed by chocolate-cherry; palate is spiced-plum, Christmas cake, cherry,
chalky-mineral and big tannins (****+)
The 2009 Rosso has plenty of cherry on the nose;
palate is front loaded with cherry backed by spice and great acidity (*** 1/2)
These two Arnaldo-Caprai wines are polar opposites:
the 2010 Rosso (left) drinks very well with plenty of juicy fruit, both of the red and black variety -
the 2008 "Collepiano" (right) is very spicy, very acidic, very tannic, a hard one to wrap your mouth around.
Perticaia was established in 2003 and they export 25% of their production
One of the few (or only) Rosso Reserva's in the room,
the 2009 is a vineyard selection made up of 70% Sangiovese,
15% Sagrantino and 15% Colorino.  Tobacco aromas surrounded by
cherry fruit; palate is really yummy and approachable:  plum,
black cherry with great mouthfeel. (****+)
The 2009 Sagrantino is a mix of silky and spicy with plum,
cherry, big acidity and well-integrated tannins (****+)
Colle Ciocco makes a 2013 Clarignano, the only white in the room -
nice tropical fruit notes with a little weight from the vanilla and spice on the finish (*** 1/2+)
Their other surprise was a 2008 Sagrantino Passito, a sweet dessert wine
rich with sweet cherry, plum and vanilla (****)

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