Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Report from ... Drinking with Dave - December 22, 2014

My buddy Dave in Michigan knows I have a soft spot for Cabernet Franc ... These days, each time we get together, we bring a bottle each to the table, today Dave brought a Darioush 2011 Cabernet Franc, Napa Valley; this is a big gun, sporting a whopping 14.8% alcohol.  Not exactly what I was expecting in Cab Franc, being an Ontario Franc drinker gets you used to certain elements in the wine not found in warmer versions of the grape; the Dariosh had a number of those great Ontario-esque features like tobacco, blackberry and cassis but there was also a subtle smokiness, white pepper and a floral aspect to the wine - and it was very tasty. 

Then Dave makes a remark that he has some rare and unusal Zinfandel, but he'll save them for next time ... The hell you will, we'll at least open one right now ... And we did: Teldeschi 1996 Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley - Lot #1.  Another wine with big booze, but not as high as the Franc, at only 14.2%.  There's an earthy note with dried /fresh plum, raspberry and sour cherry, there's also an earthy finish with hints of vanilla. Wine proves to be, for the most part, tart and sour and needs lots of aeration to become something you want to drink ... This was my interesting wine of the day - but the Darioush was better, even with age taken in.

Post Scrpt ... The Thirty Bench 2007 Red I brought from Ontario was a big hit.

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