Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Report from ... French Wine Connection, Toronto - May 4, 2015

Sadly this is one of "those" tastings, where I will tell you about some really nice wines, but if you live in Ontario you'll never be able to pick up a bottle - well maybe not never, but certainly by the time they do reach our shores, the vintages I'll be describing will be long gone.

18 producers from 9 regions of France were here pouring wins the most represented region was the Loire, with 8 representatives.  Below a list of my top 5 producers and their wines that impressed ... Keep your eyes open, maybe one day ...

1 ... La Galaura (Languedoc)
Because we don't see these wines on these shores I didn't ask prices, but they certainly are wines I'd like to have on hand and in my cellar ... All three they showcased were a pure delight of the senses.

Black cherry, vanilla and plum (****)
90 year old vines
Spicy, plummy, smoky:
nice fruit backed by spice (****+)
50 year old vines - first vintage of own vineyard
plum, white pepper, spice, touch of violet, good acidity (****)
2 ... Olivier et Lafont (Rhone)
With any luck we'll see their wines here; both the Cote-du-Rhone and the Lirac were standouts.

Plum, spice, mocha and black cherry (****)
Fresh and fruity with cherry, plum and white pepper (****)

3 ... Le Clos Lucas (Beaujolais)
As a Beaujolais / Gamay fan I was very happy to see some here ... The two that stood out for me were:

Pinot Noir / Gamay Noir blend
with nice raspberry and cherry (*** 1/2)
100% Gamay Noir
Plum and black cherry ... lots of black cherry (*** 1/2+)

4 ... Les Grands Chais de France (Languedoc - Provence, negociant)
I really enjoyed the two wines I tried here - one even made this list ... Though the representative seemed otherwise engaged each time I came around, so I never tasted all the wines, I guess multitasking wasn't his thing.

Sweet fruit with cherry, plum,
mocha and well-balanced acidity (****)
5 ... Jean Pla (Languedoc)
The labels were just fun and playful, matching many of the wines in bottle, there was very little serious wine here - but then wine was never meant to be taken so seriously ... was it???

Blackberry, cassis and plum (*** 1/2+)

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Dean Tudor said...

Hmmm, no wines from the Loire, despite their large representation...

Interesting..very interesting...