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Report from ... Nobilo Lunch and Icon Tasting - August 19, 2015

Just like they do in the best regions of France, Nobilo concentrates on few varieties of grapes to make their wines; instead of trying to be everything to everybody they focus on Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc and try to make the best expression of each variety.

Today we had a chance to taste something old (2010) something new (2015) and the stuff in-between from this (no pun intended) iconic winery.

Founded in 1943 by Nikola Nobilo an immigrant to New Zealand by way of the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia (an island called Korcula); who came to his new land in the 30's.  Back in Croatia the Nobilo family had acquired some 300 years of wine making experience and tradition and with that knowledge they planted their first vines west of Auckland in the early 40's.

Today's line up of wines: 2015-2010 (3 whites / 3 reds)
And a look at the lunch menu ... more on that later
Our host, Dave Edmonds, Senior Winemaker Nobilo (second from left)
answered questions and talked about wines, vintages and regions
Chef Tom Riley, originally from New Zealand, took his inspiration
from the wines presented - fusing Canadian and New Zealand cuisine
(more like New Zealand food concepts with Local ingredients)
The whites are poured, so let's kick this thing off ...
The Wines ...

2014 Regional Collection Sauvignon Blanc ($16.95 - #415745)
Nose: grapefruit, lemon, grassy and pineapple core
Taste: seemingly sweet fruity entry lovely pith notes,
long finish juicy pink grapefruit finish and dry linger
Rating: ****
2014 Icon Sauvignon Blanc
juicy of citrus and passionfruit, soft acidity with a long finish,
there's also a mineral compenent like "raindrops on hot concrete"
softer, weightier and more mouthfilling than Regional
Rating: *** 1/2+
2010 Icon Pinot Noir
licorice-spice, high acidity, cassis and violets,
cedary-oak notes prevail on the finish, even a little smoky
I found this wine to be overtly smoky and cedary
No rating - wine is no longer available
2013 Icon Pinot Noir
Nose: nice lean fruit that's a dark and red mix with floral/violet;
showy but not flamboyant - good acidity
Taste: follows the nose, delicate yet still masculine
with a spiced-raspberry finish
Rating: ****
2014 Icon Pinot Noir
Nose: more in-your-face with red fruits and plum, real sexy fruit
violets and floral notes with hints of anise
Taste: hints of white pepper and herbal notes on the finish;
a really bold solidly good wine
Rating: ****+

The Lunchtime Inspirations ...

Smoked Tomato Soup
with miso creme fraiche
Fogo Island Crab Kina
with butter, pappardelle & preserved lemon

Roasted Lamb Rump
with minted potatoes, peas & saffron labna
Passion Fruit & Vanilla Cheesecake
with stewed tamarillo

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