Friday, May 30, 2008

Report from ... Made in Italy (3 of 4) – May 29, 2008

The Italians are at it again. It’s been about a month and a half since the Italians had us over for a party (April 10 & April 14), and this time they go all Newfoundland on us by throwing a kitchen party at Dekla Kitchens (1220 Yonge Street) – conveniently located across from the Summerhill LCBO (for potential purchases after the tasting). This is a cool locale with lots of great kitchen set ups and things for storage and the bathroom (all made in Italy) – you have to check out the faux-wood tub that ergonomically fits your body and the water pours in from these holes in the front – too cool … but I digress.

Tonight’s theme was sparkling wine: 2 Proseccos, a Rosé and a red sparkler. There were also the usual foods that would be served with this wine: meats, breads and about a dozen or so cheeses. As usual Steve Thurlow acted as MC for the evening and gave a 10-minute talk on the wines we were about to try. The difference this time was that they waited till after he spoke to open and pour the wines – which means people hung around for 30-45-minutes stuffing their faces with nothing but water to drink – not sure that was the wisest move, cause by the time Steve got up to talk some folks were ready to lynch him for making them wait.

Finally, at a 4 wine tasting the wines have to be very well selected … while all fit the bill of bubbly one was too grapey (the red), one was bland (one of the Preseccos), one was soapy (the rosé), while only the Vino dei Poeti Brut Prosecco ($15.35 - #897702) really rang my bell. Light and fruity with lemon and apple notes, slight hint of sweetness with a lingering bubble – two glasses went down way too easily of this 11% solution – very nice.

See you at the next one … which may or may not be the last of them. There is a rumour that there are ten of these gatherings, that’s 6 more than the original 4 I was told about.

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