Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weinhenstephan “The World’s Oldest Brewery” comes to Toronto – May 8, 2008

Launching 6 beers from this thousand year old Bavarian brewery proved to be quite an event at the Beer Market on the Esplanade. When all was said and done I was told that only the Heff Weissbier is available in Ontario at the moment (pity) and will be served (in bottle) at the restaurant, with others (hopefully) coming in soon, pending our liquor board’s approval.

Of the 6 beers being sampled this evening – three thrilled my palate:

Heff Weissbier (5.4%) – light and refreshing, quite fruity, with a pseudo-sweet mid-palate; there’s also a hint of orange nuance on the finish. Great for summer.

Kristall Weissbier (5.4%) – lighter and fruitier than the Weissbier, though almost champagne like in the bubble department … quite delicate and tasty.

Vitus (7.7%) – really liked this one’s heavier action in the mouth; seemed thicker on the palate with caramel-like nuances and a spiciness on the finish – powerful and delicious.

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