Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Report from ... Jarvis Church & Erik Peacock at Chateau des Charmes - August 22, 2010

To look at the title you'd think Erik Peacock (one of Niagara's celebrated chefs) had strapped on a guitar and joined The Philosopher Kings frontman, Jarvis Church, on stage for a jam session.  That was not the case, the only think that Erik does with jam is cook with it, but both men did create an aural/oral sensation this afternoon.

The afternoon was a continuation of the morning, gloomy, and although the call was for sunny skies by the afternoon they never materialized, instead the skies opened up and the rains fell.  But under the tent we all stayed warm and dry.  The concert was a fundraiser for the St. Catharines General Hospital - the new one is scheduled to open in 2013.

We started with Erik's delightful lunch, so simple in its execution yet so tasty in its delivery.  Served buffet style you picked form Panzanella Tuscan bread salad, zucchini and feta white bean salad, and/or regular salad (which was topped with a delicious dressing. Orecchiette pasta with yellow tomatoes, olives and chiles.  BBQ braised short rib sandwich with peppers and fresh husked corn.  And finally, peach yoghurt cupcakes, complete with fresh peach slice on top.  A lunch fit for afternoon delight.

The concert kicked off with a performance by Grenvill Pinto, who played violin just like he's ringing a bell (go-go, go Grenville go).  I'm sure that doesn't sound very exciting, but Grenville had a twist to his violin playing - he played popular music: think Karaoke backing with the violin as the vocal; quite ingenious and quite entertaining.  He played everything from Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'" to That's Amore; the Eagles 'Hotel California' to Guns n' Roses 'Sweet Child O' Mine'.  He performed an audience check with 'If you're happy and you know it', if we clapped he knew we were all still awake - we were.  He announce a "hard core Italian tune" then broke into the theme from the Godfather, and finally, he did a Michael Jackson medley dressed as the King of Pop himself.

After a short intermission, Jarvis Church's band took the stage and so did Mr. Church.  He started with three songs from his new solo album then dug deep into his Philosopher Kings past, much to the delight of the crowd.  When he performed his audience participation segment (where he invites a young lady on stage to "sing his heart out to"), Sara was more than willing to oblige (he kept her onstage for a playful 3 cover song medley) .

The Wine I Drank ...

The 2008 Gamay Noir 'Droit' is out and continues a line of delicious wines using this grape.

Funniest Moment - Out of the mouths of babes ...

Before the hootenanny began speeches and introductions had to be made.  When Michele Bosc took the stage to welcome everybody to their home (the Chateau) and into the family (all who visit are family), one of her own family members took the limelight - 3 year old Alex appeared front and centre before the stage.  He took a few tentative steps and put a foot onto the stage, Michele had to interrupt her speech to tell him not to come onto the stage, she then introduced him to polite applause.  Then the room went quiet.

Michele: "No honey, you have to stay down there."
Alex: "But mommy ..."
Michele: "Yes Alex"
Alex: "I want to play the drums."

The crowd roared with laughter as mommy called for daddy (Paul Bosc Jr.) to come and get his son before he decided to sit behind a drum kit 4 times his size.

The weather may not have co-operated but the music, the food and the Bosc family hospitality sure did.

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