Saturday, September 25, 2010

Report from … TASTE! 2010 in Prince Edward County – September 25, 2010

As I left Toronto, gray clouds hung over head and the rain began to spit down – not a great start to my day out in Prince Edward County to take part in TASTE!

As we drove along the sky seemed to clear in front of us while those gray clouds lingered above Toronto, not willing to let the city of “elite’ out of its gloomy grip.  In front of us it looked like it might be a shower-free day.  And that’s good, because TASTE! Is an outdoor event which takes place at the Crystal Palace in downtown Picton.  This year it was bigger then ever: more wineries, more fooderies and more of everything else.

TASTE! Treat …

Easily the Smoked Pulled Pork Slider with Barley Days Loyalist Lager and Blueberry BBQ Sauce on a Pastry House Bun, topped with Hagerman’s heirloom tomato jam … to die for.  I had to eat a second just to prove to myself the first was not a fluke; then, as you can see, from the picture below, they had to hide the rest from me.

TASTE! Sensation …
Without a doubt, Copper Kettle Chocolate Company’s “shots” … these are dark chocolate balls loaded with a splash of your favourite wine:  Hillier Creek Vidal Icewine, Harwood Estate Just Dessert sweet wine and the surprising Sandbanks Baco Noir.  If you remember Freshen Up gum, the gum that squirted in your mouth when you bit into it – that’s the sensation of these chocolate.  Now how does she get that liquid to stay that way inside these heavenly chocolatey bites?  It’s more perplexing then the Caramilk Secret.

The TASTEE! Wines of Note ...
Once again, as with Taste Ontario earlier in the week, I need to keep the wine reviews for future newsletters, but I can give you hints about what is to come.

As we left the County the gray clouds were rolling in from the east and began to spit down – it was the same way my day had begun, but this time I did not mind seeing the splashes of rain hit the windshield.  

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marketing said...

Hi Michael. Glad you liked the pulled pork sliders - just wanted to say those were from Waring House Gourmet, and Chef Travis Mindle was the man behind those tasty treats.