Monday, October 4, 2010

Report from … Savour Stratford 2010 – September 26, 2010

My second year attending Savour Stratford, which in turn is celebrating its third year.  This is a fabulous event for winos and foodies; beer swillers and foodies and/or coffee fanatics and foodies – in truth Savour Stratford is all about the food.  Sure there are 8 wineries, 8 breweries, 1 coffee house, 1 tea emporium and a couple of chocolatiers, but these are just the framework to build the over 30 chefs that make up the bulk of Savour Startford around … and the food is the star, from appetizers, mains, desserts and everything in-between.

Good …
Jay Freeland, The Sun Room Restaurant: Phyllo Triangles with Shallet Hill Farms Roasted Squash, Beets, Blue Potatoes and Carrots with a Tomato Basil Sauce.

Max Holbrook, The Parlour: Manchu BBQ Perth County Pork Belly in Steamed Bun and Fresh Vegetables and Herbs.

Nick Benninger, Nik & Nat’s Uptown 21: Duck Fantastico.

Better …
Scott Wilby, The Annex Room: BBQ Local Pulled Pork on Brioche Toast with Spiced Peach Chutney

Best …
Kevin Hallman, Stratford Country Club: Pork Sausage Burger with a Sweet Corn and Maple Relish Served on a Rosemary Bun.

Patrick Morden, Molly Bloom’s Irish Pub: Short Braised Bison.

Sheldon Russell, Keystone Alley Café with Hoover’s Maple Syrup: Maple Gateau.

As for the Wine …
The 8 wineries included Chateau des Charmes (the official sponsor), Cave Spring Cellars, Lailey Vineyard, Nyarai Cellars, Pelee Island, Rosehall Run, Rosewood and Tawse Winery.  And the wines of note, that I had not previously tried: the Lailey 2009 Riesling (4.5 stars), Rosewood 2009 Semillon (4.5 stars), Lailey 2009 Sauvignon Blanc (4 stars) and Tawse 2008 Cherry Road Pinot Noir (4 stars) – reviews to come in a future newsletter.

The beer of the event was the Railway City Brewing Company’s Dead Elephant IPA – what a super swig.

Other Things of Note …
Distinctly Tea was there again with their super cool filter lids – not sure why these things haven’t caught on more. 
Chocolate Barr’s Candies had an assortment of truffles, one made from Goat Cheese (cheese and chocolate – many women swooned at the table just hearing about this combination) and one made from the Paw Paw fruit … interesting. 
Finally, can’t forget to mention Rheo Thompson Candies – a Stratford institution – they forewent their usual and famous mint smoothies for plain milk and dark chocolate smoothies and a delectable Pecan-Nougat roll.

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Dean Tudor said...

What about my fave cheese, Monforte? Did you try them?