Monday, December 16, 2013

Report from ... E & J Gallo Portfolio Tasting - September 4, 2013

These days the name Gallo goes far beyond just the name on the bottle ... in fact, there are quite a few labels that fall under the purview of Gallo - names that you've no doubt heard of and seen - many offer up some really good value.

Today's tasting consisted of 39 wines spread over 6 tables ... here are my selections (18 in total), watch the vintage date to make sure you get the wine indicated, as they have a habit of changing without warning; others have no vintage date, these wines are made in a "house style" and shouldn't change much from year-to-year.

The Wine ...
Apothic 2011 Red ($15.95 - #234369)
move over Yellow Tail this is the #1 selling wine in Canada
a blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel
Sweet fruit, silky texture, chocolate finish with a hint of white pepper.
(*** 1/2+)
Bear Flag Smooth White Blend ($12.95 - #280867)
A Riesling dominated blend with nice pear, peach and a touch of sweetness
this is a patio sipper worthy of a hot summer day
(*** 1/2)
Mirassou 2012 Pinot Noir ($13.45 - #185249)
sweet juicy fruit with lots of cherry and raspberry
with a touch of spice on the finish
#1 selling Pinot Noir in Canada
(*** 1/2+)
Barefoot Cellars Pinot Grigio ($9.95 - #53983)
surprisingly good value and incredibly sippable
nice bit of grapefruit on the finish
(*** 1/2+)

Barefoot Cellars Chardonnay ($9.95 - #97121)
pleasant, sippable, easy drinking with the right amount of apple
(*** 1/2)
Barefoot Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon ($9.95 - #97113)
blackberry / black raspberry / black cherry with a hit of cocoa,
there's some surprising complexity here - drinks well, great value
McWilliam's Hanwood Estate 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon ($14.95 - #214577)
plenty of red berry and chocolate with nice spice and a good finish
(*** 1/2+)
McWilliam's Hanwood Estate 2010 Shiraz ($14.95 - #610683)
raspberry jam with black cherry and a peppery finish

McWilliam's 2012 Cabernet/Merlot ($10.95 - #621599)
good fruit, an everyday drinker that's smooth and silky
(*** 1/2)
Red Rock Winery 2011 Malbec ($16.95 - #284315)
spiced red fruit with elements of blueberry and chocolate
(*** 1/2+)
Whitehaven 2011 Pinot Noir ($23.45 - #245696)
lots of juicy red berries with white pepper on the finish
this one starts off sweet and ends dry
Whitehaven 2012 Sauvignon Blanc ($18.95 - #308288)
typically New Zealand style of Savvy B
tropical, grassy with citrus and floral notes - pleasant
(*** 1/2+)
Ghost Pines 2010 Winemakers Blend Chardonnay ($19.95 - #308122)
buttery vanilla and butterscotch with poached pear and peach -
really packs a punch for its price point - great value, especially when on sale
Ghost Pines 2010 Winemakers Blend Cabernet Sauvignon (Consignment)
chocolate, blackberry, hints of cassis with a cocoa powder finish.
Louis M. Martini 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (Consignment)
has good complexity: chocolate, dark fruit/red fruit combo;
succulent delivery with nice body, mouthfeel and structure
Louis M. Martini 2010 Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon ($18.95 - #292151)
super red fruit driven wine, namely with raspberry and cherry
(*** 1/2+)
Edna Valley Vineyards 2011 Central Coast Chardonnay (Consignment)
vanilla with a nice tropical fruit seam
(*** 1/2+)
MacMurray Ranch 2011 Central Coast Pinot Noir (Consignment)
this is very California - juicy, juicy, juicy all red fruit
(*** 1/2)

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