Friday, June 13, 2014

Report from ... Austria: Vie Vinum 2014, Day 1 - June 12, 2014

We arrive in Austria tired and worn from a long flight, an hour delay and a piece of luggage that was seemingly lost ... we had the first day to rest and relax.  Many took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep, on the other hand some just napped for a portion of the afternoon and then headed out to experience some Austrian culture ...

Visiting our first cafe, the famous Black Camel
which has been around since 1618
Imagine the people throughout history who have walked thru these doors ... on second though don't

My first Austrian beer: Reininghaus
Jamie Drummond's 4th and 5th Austrian beer ... there were plenty more to come
plus snacks (part 1) - mushroom and mayo?

snack (part 2): salami with eggplant tapenade?
Evan Saviolidis tweets about the experience
The Group of 5 (from left): Ben Macphee-Sigurdson (Winnipeg), Lisa Stephenson (Seattle),
Evan Saviolidis (Niagara Falls) and Jamie Drummond (Toronto) - I'm taking the picture
Other snacks available, but not tried
My second Austrian beer: have to try the ones available; I swear it's research.
This little fella joined us on the patio
(he was very friendly and seemed to be fascinated by beer)
Arrival at the Welcome Get Together

At this floating restaurant - and yes it is called "Holy Moly"
Looking at the Holy Moly Restaurant from afar
Plenty of Austrian whites being poured:  very welcome on this hot 26C day
The crowd gather up top
Food seemed a little scarce at first and this BBQ joint across the way
seemed the answer to our hunger pangs (many had not eaten since the flight in the AM):
instead we waited it out and the food did show.

Night Time Sights on the Way Back to the Hotel ...

Lit Bridge
Street Meat

And Pizza
with pop, water, juice and ... beer - very civilized country
Evan finds a Gyro stand very much to his liking.

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