Sunday, December 28, 2014

Report from ... Drinking With Dave - June 7, 2014

So I find myself in Michigan again and this time I was able to sneak away and spend some time with my wine-buddy Dave at Champagne Wine Cellars in Warren.  I also brought a bottle for Dave to try, an Ontario-pride 2005 Trius Red, one of this province's more recognizable and consistent red blends ... It proved to be earthy, cassis dominated, and while some fruit was still present there was also a predominant white smoke character that I'm not sure Dave was that big a fan of ... Next time I'll pull a 2007 Thirty Bench Red ... 

As for Dave, he had his wine picked out (I'm sure days ago): Alvara Palacios 2012 Camons Del Priorat from Spain.  The nose was rich with cherry, red licorice, spearmint, cassis and plum; there was even a hint of raspberry that developed as the wine sat in glass.  Palate shows robust red and black fruit with plenty of plum, black cherry, anise and chocolate, but what really impressed was the spicy or piquante-ness of this wine on the full, silky finish.  I think Dave out-did me this time but then again his wine was 7 years younger ... I'll getcha next time Dave ... Maybe over Christmas.

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