Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Report from ... Exclusive Osoyoos Larose 10 Year Vertical - September 8, 2014

All lined up:  10 Vintages of the Osoyoos Larose vertical
As a wine writer there is no greater thrill than a 10 year vertical from a very reputable producer; double so when it is one from you home country (Canada).

Today, a select number of members of the Wine Writers' Circle of Canada partook in an exclusive opportunity to taste 10 years worth of Osoyoos Larose Grand Vin (their top wine).  Seven of the 10 wines were provided by the winery itself (a big thank you there) - the other three wines were filled out by members of the Circle:  Alan McGinty (2002 / 2008) and Konrad Ejbich (2001) ... an even bigger thank you to those members.

It was incredible to taste these wines side-by-each making not of their evolution and how they opened in the glass through the few hours they were tasted.

All lined up and ready to taste
Top wines according to the writers in attendance were the 2001, 2008 and 2005.  

My top 5 were the 2001, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010 ... here are some notes on all the wines.

  Touch of leather, forest floor and dried fruit leather
Palate:  Woodsy, spicy, cassis, dried plum and a touch of vanilla
After 40 minutes: It opens beautifully with everything smoothing out
with tannins that sit pleasantly on the tongue
Aroma:  Very bland, hardly seems to be a wine of interest
Palate:  Overly oaky
After 40 minutes: Opens to loads of mocha and black cherry with great acidity
and spice - pure delight with great complexity

Aroma:  Baked black fruit a la cassis and blackberry
Palate:  Anise, blackberry, spiced plum, though it tastes older than the 2001
After 40 minutes: The acidity seems to come out more and over-powers the wine;
in the end it becomes a most unpleasant experience
Aroma:  Spicy, anise, cinnamon, blackberry, cassis and mocha
Palate:  Woodsy, spicy, high acidity, anise, lots of sediment in the glass
After 40 minutes: Chocolate wafts from the glass bringing with it cedar, smoke
and a plethora of spice.

Aroma:  Inviting and alluring - smoky, tobacco, cassis, anise, blackberry, mocha
Palate:  Elegant and inviting - anise, black cherry, blackberry, mocha;
this wine shows well right now with elegance and delicious flavour
After 40 minutes: Continues to excite in a big way; plenty of life in this bottle.
Aroma:  very closed up
Palate:  continues to be closed and hard to get a handle on
After 40 minutes: Maybe some anise, but lots of vegetal - weakest of the line-up
Aroma:  Cinnamon, cassis and spiced blackberry
Palate:  Smooth and silky yet with some tannins grip with everpresent acidity
After 40 minutes: Lots of heft and dry dark fruit.
Aroma:  Loaded with dark fruit
Palate:  Lush and beautiful of fruit and spice; really is a treat
After 40 minutes: Cassis, blackberry and black cherry continue to shine through.
Aroma:  Red and black fruit
Palate:  Shows lots of fruit, spice, pepper and good tannins
After 40 minutes: Charms from start to finish and then some.

Aroma:  Mocha and black cherry
Palate:  Creamed coffee, black cherry, nicely balanced with great acid and tannins
After 40 minutes: This is the current/coming vintage and will age a decade very well.

The writers hard at work during the tasting

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daniel barett said...

Hey there, I am about to conduct a similar undertaking during Jan 2015. I have 2005 to 2009 OSL Grand Vin and will be pairing it with an arrange of sample mains including; boar, bison, rabbit, duck, kangaroo, crocodile and camel. There is a great mixed audience for this thus I am hoping it will truly showcase a great wine and how amazing these sort of events can be. Maybe an annual tradition will be born. Cheers D Barrett