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Report from ... The Wines of Garnacha - November 26, 2014

As taken from the tasting guide ...
"Garnacha, also known as Granache, is one of the world's oldest and most widely planted wine grapes."

"Granacha is the only major grape variety with red and white variants, which allow it to produce very diverse wines:  red, white. rose and sweet."

The wines in this tasting were all from Spain and all have a base or are made from 100% Granache.

The Wines ...

Lafou 2013 Els Amelers, Granacha Blanca pleasant tropicality with pineapple and grapefruit notes
with a touch of lime ith and a nice weight

($28.95 - Consignment) ... *** 1/2+
Bodega Pirineos 2013 Pirineos Garnacha
nose has lots of nice floral and plum; palate follows suit adding
violets and a touches of cherry blossom

($17.00 - Consignment) ... ****

La Botera 2013 Vila-Closa Garnatxa Blanca
nice white and citrus fruit:  lime pith, quince and pear
with a pretty white flower note added for good measure

($15.95 - Private Order) ... *** 1/2+
Edetaria 2012 Edetaria Seleccio Blanc
fruit comes from 60 year old vines aged in new French oak
mainly vanilla cream and lime spiced up just right;
pleasant though pricy - only  400 cases made

($39.95 - Private Order) ... ****
Santo Cristo 2012 Seleccion Garnacha
60-80 year old vine fruit, all tank aged, no oak
aromas of fresh plum and black cherry;
on the palate there is fresh cherry fruit
juicy and delicious - great value

($13.50 - Consignment) ... ****+
Vinas del Vero 2009 Secastilla
this is a field blend that has mainly Granache in the mix;
chocolate/cocoa, plum, black cherry, blackberry, vanilla
with nice tannin grip on the finish

($32.00 - Consignment) ... ****+
Vinas del Vero 2011 La Miranda de Secastilla
aromas and flavours of plum and cherry that appear fresh and lively
with a nice tannin note on the finish pairing with pencil shavings to give it grit

($16.00 - Consignment) ... ****
Grandes Vinos 2012 Corona D'Aragon Special Selection
nose is cherry, plum, Christmas spice and vanilla;
palate has a nice richness of red and black fruit with spiced-vanilla and cinnamon

($16.99 - Private Order) ... ****
Grandes Vinos 2011 Anayon Garnacha
aromas of rich plum, vanilla, black fruit, sweetly spiced and mocha;
lots of lovely fruit with spice and tannins; cocoa, black cherry
and a long vanilla-black cherry finish - the mocha here is awesome

($30.00 - Private Order) ... ****+

Bodegas Paniza 2013 El Agoston Garnacha-Syrah 
85% Garnacha / 15% Syrah
a little pepper, a little plum, black cherry and blackberry;
almost sweet on the finish, simple with lovely fruit

($12.95 - Private Order) ... ****
Bodegas Paniza 2012 Vinas Viejas de Paniza Garnacha
light and fruity, lots of cherry and raspberry, easy drinking
lots and lots of fruit with a gentle spice on the finish
gains in complexity with each and every sip

($17.95 - Private Order) ... ****+
Bodegas San Alejandro 2012 Pablo Old Vines
nose is quiet but the palate has loads of black cherry and plum,
with blackberry and creme de cassis - there's just a nice richness to enjoy

($14.99 - Consignment) ... ****
Bodegas Aragonesas 2013 Garnacha Centenaria
creamy smooth with cassis, black cherry and vanilla cream
($17.99 - Consignment) ... ****

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